SIMATIC SIS Compact - The Stand Alone Safety PLC

A certified safety PLC at a standard PLC price

The only SIS on the market that's been through 3rd party review, analysis and certification to the latest international standards for both security and safety. Read more here.

Other customer benefits include:

  • Reduced cost - The SIS compact is designed as a stand-alone SIS without the DCS overhead

  • Low risk - Using the field proven SIMATIC technology with over 30¬†years of SIS experience

  • Industry compliant - Certified by TUV for Safety (IEC 61508) and Security (IEC62443)

  • Reduce false trips - Fault tolerant architectures provide high system availability

  • Simplified maintenance - Uses the latest state-of-art SIS tools (function block and cause and effect diagrams) for easy trouble shooting and MOC

  • Powerful - Can also support integrated control functions when physical separation isn't feasible or practical

  • Expandable - Supports the ability to network multiple systems together as your plant needs grow

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