Siemens Distributed Control System: SIMATIC PCS 7

Whether you're engineering large continuous or batch processes, modernizing from a legacy DCS, or operating a safety instrumented system, learn from how the latest innovations in PCS 7 help reduce costs and increase productivity. Learn more about our latest Version 8.2!

Process Webinar Wednesdays - April 26th (11:00 AM EST)

Learn about Batch Analysis Insights for Continuous Improvements for Batch Operations.

Process Automation Webinar Schedule - Mark your calendars

  • Wednesday, May 17th (11:00 AM EST) - Advanced Process Control

  • Wednesday, June 21st (11:00 AM EST) - How to Successfully Justify IEC 61511 to your Organization

  • Wednesday, July 26 (11:00 AM EST) - Simulation

Watch videos on how Logic Matrix in SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.2 helps to simplify engineering.

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Engineering today's modern DCS requires powerful easy-to-use tools that are well integrated together. With SIMATIC PCS 7 process automation software, you're able to conduct advanced process control, virtual commissioning and process simulation, while monitoring plant performance all from an integrated engineering system.


Your HMI provides the information your operator needs to do their job effectively. With SIMATIC PCS 7, you're able to monitor your alarm management, trends and reporting, process historian, batch process control, and conduct plant asset management all from your operator station.


Our dedicated team of 1,200 service engineers, technicians and professionals is on-call, on-site and on-line 24/7, delivering a comprehensive portfolio of automation maintenance services designed to help you increase productivity, flexibility, and reliability.


APACS System

User Community

Educational Events

The APACS process control system is used successfully in many plants around the world. Its functionality, reliability, and ease of use have been proven in over 10,000 installations. Click the link below to access information about APACS and learn more about your migration options.

 APACS System

The Siemens Automation User Community is a collection of individuals from many industries with various applications. This community is a body of Siemens users and Siemens employees who network and share best practices. Click the link below to learn more about the community and how you can join!

 Automation User Community

Join us for an expert lead discussion on the latest process automation industry requirements.

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SIMATIC S7-400 Controller

Process Safety

Process Webinars

SIMATIC S7-400 process controller series: The most powerful Automation System within SIMATIC.

 Learn more

7 reasons why SIMATIC PCS 7 Safety is your choice for process safety.

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Review videos of our monthly webinar series that help you succeed in your plant.

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Join Siemens in driving the digital evolution of the Process Industries.

Integrated safety for a single BMS that meets today's safety standards

Complete this short form to download a white paper by Exida for new information about the latest standards required for combining control and safety for certain applications.

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