Flat Power Supply for Distribution Boards

The new miniature power supply units now offer even greater performance in the smallest space. The efficiency has been improved throughout the entire load range and the power loss in no-load operation has been halved. The wide input voltage range now also allows operation on DC voltage, the switch-on response has been optimized for capacitive loads, and the operating temperature range has been extended to +70 °C. The power supplies with logic module design can now be used extremely flexibly in a number of applications – for example, in distribution boards thanks to their flat, stepped profile.

Essential product features

  • 3 performance classes with 24 V DC

  • 2 performance classes each with 5 V, 12 V and 15 V DC

  • Flat type of construction in LOGO! design with a depth of just 55 mm

  • Wide input voltage range from 85 V to 264 V AC or 110 V to 300 V DC respectively

  • Constant current for switching in loads with high inrush current

  • Power reserve on starting up through 1.5 times rated current for capacitive loads

  • •Adjustable output voltage

  • Green LED for "Output voltage o. k."

  • Temperature operation range from -20 °C to +70 °C

  • Extensive certifications like CE, cULus, FM, GL and ATEX

LOGO! Power 54 mm design

24V / 1.3A

5V / 3A

12V / 1.9A

15V / 1.9A

LOGO! Power 90 mm design

24V / 4A

LOGO! Power 72 mm design

24V / 2.5A

5V / 6.3A

12V / 4.5A

15V / 4A

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