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Siemens’ SITOP line of power supplies has been installed over 10,000,000 times over the past 20 years. Companies across the globe in nearly every industry have benefited from the reliable power provided by SITOP power supplies and the available add-on components. Read those stories and learn how to keep your company’s bottom line healthy with SITOP products from Siemens.

Commercial Timesharing, Inc. (CTI) or the Poling Group of Companies

The American tire maker approached Siemens to improve and streamline their manufacturing and testing processes. With the help of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) solutions, CTI was able to improve testing capabilities, simplify maintenance and offer easy-to-use interfaces for users with PC-based control. The solutions provided by Siemens lowered commissioning times and simplified CTI’s automation architecture – all resulting in added features and benefits to the manufacturer and their customers.


The leading U.S. supplier of battery-free Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) is providing rugged flexibility and cost savings to their customers through an innovative application of SITOP converters, which some call “portable assembly lines.”  These converters weigh less and cost less than industrial batteries, but most importantly allow customers the flexibility to quickly and easily reconfigure production lines. SITOP products are rated for use within a large range of temperatures and environmental conditions.

Solid State Automation & Controls

How to Develop Cost-Effective, Ruggedized Skid-Based Applications for Remote Deployments. Lessons from the Design and Engineering of an Oil-Mixing System for an Unmanned Production Platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Prevent 24 VDC Overloads from Stopping Production

How the SITOP Select switch-mode power supply responds to overloads or short circuits, leading to fewer downtimes and failures. Most power supplies completely switch off when an overload is detected, which causes serious problems when they feed multiple loads. SITOP Select protects against overloads when restarting a circuit and allows for simplified troubleshooting.

Technology Evolution: Capacitor-based DC Backup Power

Capacitor-based UPS offers customers a streamlined, reliable, safe, flexible and economical operation. Compared to traditional lead battery DC UPS, a capacitor-based system has lower maintenance costs, longer service life, and is safer for equipment and employees.

Minimize downtimes with all-around protection

Whatever the industry or requirement, a reliable DC power supply system is the basis  for any production process or plant. Production processes can be maintained only if a constant power supply is available for the automation system. Often this power supply system is the plant’s Achilles heel and can be responsible for downtimes with high follow-up costs. To ensure maximum profits, you need maximum supply reliability as well as all-round protection against fluctuations in power supply quality, short voltage dips (brownouts), longer power failures lasting up to several hours (blackouts), and fault-specific over-loads of the output circuit.

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