Short Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) for UL508A and NEC

In April 2006, the Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) requirements of NEC 409 went into effect. These changes have impacted you, our customer. You now need to consider how you select power circuit components for your control panels, how you determine your preferred manufacturers for power components and how you design and install your industrial control panels. Siemens is committed to supplying our customers with best in class products and services. With the implementation of NEC Article 409 and the changes to UL 508A, Siemens has put together a comprehensive list of our device ratings and combination ratings.

High Short Circuit Current Ratings for Siemens Control Components and Assemblies online

UL Website for Short Circuit Current Ratings

UL has developed a website dedicated to Short Circuit Current Ratings of Industrial Control Panels Incorporating Combination Motor Controller Components. This site includes the appropriate Siemens SCCR information.

Peak Let-thru Current (lp) Curves for Current Limiting Circuit Breakers

Siemens Current Limiting Circuit Breakers offer additional advantages when trying to maximize the SCCR for your control panel. Please open and review the SCCR White Paper at the top of this web page. The file below provides the Peak Let-Thru Current (lp) Curves for the following Current Limiting Circuit Breakers: CED6, CFD6, CJD6, CLD6, CMD6, CND6, CPD6, SCJD6, SCLD6, SCMD6, SCND6.

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