Solid-State Contactors

The solid-state contactors for switching motors are intended for frequently switching on and off three-phase current operating mechanisms up to 5 HP and reversing up to 3 HP. The devices are constructed with complete insulation and can be mounted directly on SIRIUS motor starter protectors, overload relays and current monitoring devices, resulting in a very simple integration into motor feeders. These three-phase solid-state contactors are equipped with a two-phase control which is particularly suitable for typical motor current circuits without connecting to the neutral conductor.

  • For SIRIUS 3RF34 Solid-state Contactors, 3-phase:

  • These two-phase controlled, instantaneous switching solid-state contactors in the insulting enclosure are offered in 45 mm width to 5.2 A – and in 90 mm width to 16 A

  • Possible to operate motors up to 5 HP

  • For SIRIUS 3RF34 Solid-state Reversing Contactors, 3-phase:

  • The integration of four conducting paths to a reverse switch, combined in one enclosure makes this device a particularly compact solution

  • Possible to save up to 50 % width with the three-phase reversing contactors

  • Devices with 45 mm width cover motors up to 3HP and those with 90 mm width up to 3 HP

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