3-pole Contactors

SIRIUS Innovations 3-pole contactors have been redesigned for optimal efficiencies in assembly, energy consumption, performance and now offer communications capabilities to totally Integrated Automation. They are offered with either screw terminals, spring-type terminals, or Ring Lug terminal connection.

Expanded performance  ratings:

S00 Frame: 16A/10HP

S0 Frame: 38A/25HP

S2 Frame: 65A/50HP

The electronic UC coil offered in frame size S0 and S2 offers energy consumption savings up to 87% compared to traditional AC and DC coils.

  • 3RT20  three pole contactors are suitable for any climate, have an IP20 rating and are finger safe

  • 3RT201 as S00 frame offered in 7A to 16A (3-5 HP)

  • 3RT202 as S0 frame offer in 9A to 38A (5-25 HP)

  • 3RT203 as S2 frame offered in 40A to 65A (30-50 HP)

  • Communications capable for IO-Link and AS-Interface

  • All versions with NC aux contacts are suitable for safety having mechanically linked contacts. No need for a special safety rated contactor

  • 3RA23 reversing contactors are fully wired and tested with mechanical and electrical interlock

  • Available with screw terminals, spring-type terminals or ring lug terminals (S00 and S0 frame)

  • Available with screw terminals in S2 frame (Spring loaded terminals in control circuit optional)

  • 10mm width reduction with innovative mechanical interlock design that fits between the contactors (S00 and S0 frames)

  • Available in size S00 up to 10 HP, size S0 up to 25 HP and size S2 up to 50 HP

  • Communications capable for IO-Link and AS-Interface

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