tiastar™ Smart MCC

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tiastar Smart Motor Control Center offerings include state-of-the-art motor control technology components and features that offer optimal motor control, protection, power monitoring, communications, and automation interfacing. Siemens tiastar Smart MCC offers the highest performance among the Smart (intelligent) MCCs available today.

  • State-of-the-Art Smart Technology - Featuring PROFIBUS-DP, the fastest and most robust non-Ethernet based fieldbus on the market today.

  • Smart Components - SIMOCODE Pro Smart motor controller, SIRIUS 3RW44 Soft Starters, and SINAMICS G120 Drives provide the best combination of performance and information to the customer.

  • Flexibility - As your needs grow, available expansion modules offer new functionality.

  • Troubleshooting - User friendly diagnostics tools enable quicker fault identification for easier troubleshooting of problems.

PROFIBUS-DP for Smart (Intelligent) MCCs


The fastest and most robust non-Ethernet based fieldbus system on the market, PROFIBUS-DP seamlessly networks all MCC systems and provides real-time operational data.

SIMOCODE Motor Management System in Smart (Intelligent) MCC


SIMOCODE motor management system provides a cost-effective solution for protection, control, and monitoring of direct and reversing starter applications.

Smart (Intelligent) MCC Components

Other Smart Components

A breadth of Siemens power circuit breakers, power meters, soft starters, and variable frequency drives are compatible with tiastar MCCs.

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