Mechanical Engineering

Herrenknecht AG – Leading Manufacturer of Tunnel Boring Machines Circuit Breakers and Contactors with UL Certification in Tunnel Boring Machines



  • Protection and switching devices for the 480 V on-board power supply system with 60 Hz and a max. short circuit current of 65 kA

  • Switching devices for wye-delta starter

  • Protective devices for protection of the entire tunnel boring machine

  • High supply and product quality, comprehensive consulting services and documentation


Renowned Automotive Manufacturer Relies on Siemens Quality Worldwide


  • Reduced costs for planning and commissioning new systems

  • Easier maintenance

  • Worldwide standardization of the complete production equipment

Block Heat

EWA Elektrotechnik GmbH – Planning and Realization of a Power Distribution Board for a Block Heat and Power Plant

The task consisted of the first-time planning and realization of a power distribution board for a block heat and power plant with cogeneration for the North-American market in Wyoming, USA. The board's planning and realization had to be realized in accordance with the requirements of UL508a in conjunction with NFPA 79.

05/26/2013 | Author: Danish Bhimani

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