SIRIUS IEC Contactors & IEC Starters

IEC Contactors

When endurance and extreme load capability are the name of the game, SIRIUS IEC Contactors are the perfect choice. The narrow design, the high availability, and the wide range of SIRIUS contactors ensure that these contactors have the optimum type for any requirement. Standard Contactors, along with Vacuum, 4 pole, 4 pole (2 NO + 2 NC), Capacitive, Standard Reversing Contactor Assemblies, Resistive, Solid State or Conventional Coil, with Remaining Life Time indicator, with AS-Interface are just a few of the versions which round out the SIRIUS Family. A large array of easily installed, standard accessories may be used to customize the contactors for different applications. These auxiliaries can be easily connected to the family of contactors. High contactor reliability, long life time, and the ability to operate under extreme conditions (up to 60 degrees C) differentiate the SIRIUS family of IEC contactors.

3RA13 - Reversing Contactors

3RH1 - Control Relays

3RT10 - 3 Pole Standard Contactors

3RT12 - 3 Pole Vacuum Contactors (225-500A)

3RT13 - 4 Pole for Resitive Loads

3RT14 - 3 Pole for Resistive Loads

3RT15 - 2 NO & 2 NC Pole Contactors

3RT16 - 3 Pole Capicitor Switching

3TB - 3 Pole with True DC Coil

3TC - 2 Pole for DC Switching

3TF68 - 3 Pole Vacuum Contactors (630-820A)


IEC Starters

Combination Starters & Starters for Group Installation

The 3RA1 combination starters consist of the 3RV10 MSP and one or more 3RT1 contactors. The Non-Reversing or Reversing assemblies come with a Fast Bus mounting shoe or as a Panel Mount version. The MSP and contactor(s) are prewired and mechanically connected with preassembled kits (link modules, connection assembly kits and mounting rail or busbar adapters). As the 3RA1 combination starters are constructed from 3RV1 MSPs and 3RT1 contactors, the same accessories can be used for the combination starter as are used for the MSPs and contactors. With the addition of a terminal kit the fame sizes S0 and S3 can be applied as a Combination Starter, UL508 Type F. The S2 frame size can be applied as a Combination Starter, UL508 Type F without the addition of a terminal kit

3RA11 - Combination Starters

3RA12 - Reversing Combination Starters

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