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Driving the Digital Enterprise Mobile Showcase

Driving the Digital Enterprise Mobile Showcase is a mobile exhibit going to key customer and prospect locations around the country.
This new exhibit targets a design or commissioning engineer trying to build or start up a system for the first time. Or if you’re a maintenance engineer trying to maximize productivity out of the machine, take a tour with us. Visitors can see how individual plant operational and diagnostic data can be collected and analyzed to improve overall production efficiency. The showcase features live displays representing some of the industry's most common applications. You’ll see end-to-end solutions highlighting the power of Siemens technology in addressing the needs of panel builders, OEMs, system integrators, EPCs, and end users.

Below are a few application examples:

  • media title1
  • media title2
  • media title3
  • media title4
  • media title5
  • media title6

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