MiA Seminars and Exhibits

Nearly 100 seminars over two days

Focused on 4 different segments:

  • Automation and Controls Engineering

  • Drives and Motion

  • Energy and Facilities Management

  • Plant Engineering and Maintenance

MiA offers an impressive selection of seminars covering a wide array of topics, enhancing your knowledge of the latest technology and the way it can benefit you and your company in gaining a competitive advantage. Whether your field is engineering management, electrical engineering, controls engineering, facilities management, energy and sustainability, plant maintenance, plant safety, or operations you would surely find multiple sessions available for you to attend.

Technical and practical seminar topics include PLCs, Servo Systems, Security, Sustainability, Industrial Networks, LED technology, IT, RFID, Safety, Design Soſtware, Machine Vision, VFD Drives, Hybrid Cable, Energy Management, UL/IEC, Traceability, Operator Interfaces, Troubleshooting, and Start Up techniques.

Over 40 Industry Vendors

MiA exhibits are sponsored by International Technology Companies that are leaders in their field. Technology Specialists from each of these companies are present for hands on demonstrations of their latest innovations and value propositions. This unique trade fair allows you to have a one on one discussion with an industry expert and the opportunity to discuss your needs and problems you face in the implementation of technology in your workplace.

Companies such as Siemens, Electro-Matic, Turck, Rittal, Datalogic, Fortress, Intercontec, and many more have their latest products on display for you to view and gain more knowledge of the products and solutions you can use to improve your designs and plant operations. Executives and Engineering Managers from each of these companies are available along with conference room space for one on one meetings if you have special needs that need to be reviewed.

1-Day Internship Program

The decrease in manufacturing jobs is mainly due to the lack of interest in manufacturing, not enough STEM skills in schools and a shortage of manufacturing expertise amongst the workforce.

One way Siemens is striving to change this trend and to cultivate the next generation of manufacturers is through the Student Zone and a 1-day high-school internship program at Manufacturing in America. Stop by the Student Zone area to learn more about the internship program, download the flyer below, or contact Keirsten Henderson.

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