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Machine Safety

A safety control system is essential for ensuring maximum safety for man and machine. The first choice in safety automation is the failsafe SIMATIC control system from the Siemens SIMATIC Safety Integrated portfolio. This system seamlessly integrates safety control into standard control.  To learn more, view our Siemens Machine Safety product innovations page.


SIMATIC Controllers with Safety Integrated allow processing of standard and safety programs on the same controller. They are based on different hardware and software architectures. You can choose between various designs and different CPU classes.

IO Modules

Distributed field devices from the ET 200 range are employed as fail-safe I/O. There are versions for the control cabinet (IP20) or for use without a control cabinet (IP65/67) in hazardous areas (Zone 1), both in modular and in block design. Within an ET 200 station, both standard and fail-safe modules can be operated.

Variable Speed Drives

Machine and drives safety are top concerns and one of the fastest growing segments of industrial automation. Thanks to Siemens’ integration of safety functions directly into drive technology, and its seamless operation with other Siemens automation and control products, safety is more effective, efficient and affordable.


The systems for standard and fail-safe tasks are either configured in the TIA Portal using STEP 7 Safety Advanced or as before with STEP 7 and S7 Distributed Safety.

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