Breaking Down Silos to Build a Cost-Effective and Compliant
Burner Management System

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


You are invited to participate in a Burner Management System (BMS) event featuring presentations by technology leaders to help broaden your understanding of the latest emerging safety standards and technology solutions within the Boiler and Furnace industries.  Take an in-depth look at how changing standards and new solutions are solving major BMS challenges facing engineers within the industry. 

This event will feature presentations by Bruce Darling, president of Thermal Economy, and Ron Sustich, Automation Consultant with Siemens. They will discuss revisions to NFPA 85 & 86 standards and the development of new automation BMS solutions that are compliant, flexible, safe and cost effective. We will also discuss how new technologies in combustion control go hand in hand with your BMS systems by meeting clean energy standards, energy efficiencies and much more.

This event will be taking place simultaneously across the U.S. via live video streaming of the presentations and subsequent Q&A.

Why attend?

- Understand why you should consider upgrading your burner management system, boiler controls, and furnace controls
- Discover the advantages of PLC-based burner management systems
- Learn how safety PLCs are better suited to meet NFPA codes than traditional PLCs, and how they can be implemented without increasing BMS system cost
- Explore NFPA guidelines concerning burner management PLCs
- Understand proper implementation of PLCs for burner combustion control and boiler control
- Learn about advanced control strategies for burner and boiler controls to increase safety, reduce equipment down time, improve efficiency, reduce boiler emissions
- Discover how intuitive burner management operator interfaces reduce operating errors and require less training to operate
- Learn how to avoid common safety pitfalls when implementing variable frequency drives (VFDs)
- Interact with industry leaders and automation experts to discuss current industry trends and developments

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- Live Event:  Nashville, TN
  Doubletree - Downtown
  315 4th Avenue North
  Nashville, TN  37219

- Satellite Event:  Pittsburgh, PA
  Hilton Garden Inn – Pittsburgh/Southpointe
  1000 Corporate Drive
  Canonsburg, PA 15317

- Video Streaming Event


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